SEO – A Balanced Approach

SEO – A Balanced Approach


The first ship is sinking because all the weight of the ship is in the front. The SEO sails are also small. The second ship has an equal amount of weight throughout the ship and has a large sail.

A good SEO plan builds authority on each primary web page. A balanced authority across all pages tells the search engine you have an overall strong website and therefore your SEO “sails” are bigger. Some SEO firms still try and build all the authority on the home page. This is bad. Search engines are suspicious of these types of sites.

If your site architecture and SEO plan is balanced, links and other authoritative methods are built throughout the site, but if you were to move one of the major web pages, your effort becomes unbalanced and it will take time to reestablish it. If your web developer shows signs of being cavalier about moving your site structure around, it’s a major flag their understanding of SEO is limited. Of course, moving webpages is possible with caerful planning.
If you decide to move a key web page, then keep in mind, it can set back your search engine efforts and require extra work (and money) to manage the move.

Now its time for you to build your schematic. Start with general categories, and then make each subsequent page a little more specific. Keep everything grouped.

You can also add general pages such as “History”, “Contact”, “About”, etc pages. These pages in most small business websites are not integral to the main site structure. Think of it like this: Most people are looking for a specific product/service/advice/information, etc. They are not looking at your companies biography out of the gate. It may help persuade an action, but its not the initial goal of an online shopper. Sometimes these pages can be leveraged, but you should rely on your SEO professional to help make those type of decisions.

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