SEO Basics – The SEO Deception

SEO Basics – The SEO Deception

I ran across this tactic used by some SEO companies when doing some research. I had to laugh at the deceptive nature and the games being played. Let’s say one SEO firm gives your business a proposal including 4 keyword phrases and another firm says they will include 2000 keyword phrases in their proposal. Which one do you choose? The proposal with the 4 keyword focus is based more in reality, but if both are good, they are actually both working on the same thing and will produce results for about the same number of keyword phrases.

The proposal that offers a 4 keyword focus is committing to those specific phrases. He realizes his client will also gain visibility on many other keyword phrases related to the main 4 keywords. The second proposal also knows they can only work on a handful of main keyword phrases and that effort will produce visibility for numerous other keywords as well. Neither company knows how many variations ultimately arise or if their effort will even break the top page for the client on any keyword phrase. Although the good ones have a high success rate.

The second company knows that sensationalism wins and the first company wants to be less deceptive with its approach. Anyone in SEO knows that no small business campaign is going to focus on 2,000 keyword phrases. Its actually pretty comical.

The modest approach demonstrates an under-promise, over-deliver approach. The second is the opposite. They know you won’t hold them to 2,000 keyword phrases. Plus the second firm can always say “hey we still got you 200 keyword phrases”. The exaggerated number of keyword phrases is an indicator of their business’s mentality to exaggerate their services, which in my book is a warning sign of things to come.

When I read of tactics like this I wonder how much time a service provider actually sits around wondering how they can be more deceiving rather than trying to establish a unique niche or offer a better offer to offset themselves from the competition.

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