Why Website Development Services And SEO?

Why Website Development Services And SEO?

With all the hype about social media and other internet outlets, why did I decide to focus on website development and search engine optimization for this book? While some of the more cutting-edge marketing techniques feel more sexy, they are also not the most logical starting point for a fledgling business, barring the occasional exception.

When I help a business plan their campaign, it often transcends web development services, SEO, SEM, vertical campaigns, offline advertising, social media, etc. as each of these elements are like an ingredient that can be used in a recipe.

And like making a soup, removing certain ingredients limit the ability to create the perfect recipe. My goal however is not to create the overall custom solution that considers every marketing outlet available that’s best for your specific business. That’s unrealistic to cover such an endeavor in one book.

My goal is rather to give you that beachhead. A solid foundation that can have additional components added as your budget and other resources allow. A website, when considered appropriately, will help solidify your model, your call-to-action, and offer a laboratory where you can track results much closer and fine-tune your marketing effort. This will intuitively spill into your additional marketing efforts.

Search engine optimization is directly impacted by the content and overall way your site is built. The value and logical extension of search engine optimization will become more apparent as we move further down the road, but it will be obvious that SEO and web development are inseparable. If a website is your boat, SEO is the motor or the sail.

Its not my intent to diminish the value of a social media campaign, paid ads, lead acquisition, or other valid marketing opportunities. Its rather looking at the challenges of a small business practically. The small business is not ignorant to brand-building, reputation management, and all potential social media offers. The problem is a startup and small business needs sales to stay in business. The website and its most logical associated marketing strategy is the best starting point from my perspective.

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