Case Study - AAWNC

About The Client

The Greater Asheville Area Apartment Association (GAAAA) was founded in early 1980 by a group of apartment managers and management firms to provide the apartment industry with an association that could unite them under one name, offering continuing education for their personnel, and providing related service groups the opportunity to become involved. The AAWNC is a local division of the GAAAA.

Client Needs

The AAWNC required a complete rebrand. They were not happy with their overall branding and website presence. The AAWNC also required a brochure, business cards, and a print contracting service. The client also had a tight turnaround of less than TWO WEEKS!

General Project Scope

  • New Logo Development
  • Website Development
  • Hosting
  • Business Card & Brochure Design
  • Print Contracting of Print Collateral
  • Domain Capture & Management

Below is a screenshot of the AAWNC BEFORE MaxWebGear


The Strategic Plan

The MaxWebGear Team began by providing the client with a written agreement through Once the agreement was completed, we began to work.

Our Approach:

Create A Branding Strategy
Development Logo
Create Print Collateral
Send Approved Print Collateral To Printer
Develop website while print collateral is being printed
Meet Deadline

Branding Strategy And Logo Development

After considering options, we decided to utilize the same color scheme as the parent organization, the National Apartment Association and integrate some of their basic branding concepts. Next MaxWebGear created four logo variations and submitted them to the client.

Below Are The Original Logo Submissions


Logo Sample 1


Logo Sample 2


Logo Sample 3


Logo Sample 4

The AAWNC Board Members selected logo #2 with no revisions. This helped us to remain on pace to meet the aggressive project deadline.

Brochure & Business Card Design

With the logo and color scheme approved, our next step was to complete the print design work. AAWNC wanted general informational brochures and 5 sets of business cards. For the brochures, we pulled the content from their previous website while the business card information was sent directly from AAWNC.

The brochures were a standard 8.5x11 and the business cards a standard 2x3.5. We pulled from our stock photography vault for the brochures, organized the content, and dispersed it within logical groups across each panel.


After a few minor modifications, the print collateral was approved and sent to the printer with a confirmed on-time delivery date using 2nd Day Air Shipping.

Website Development

With the new branding firmly established, we started the web development portion of the project. We created a fully responsive design with video engagement. The client was open to our rapid development Fast Track program.

So we created a secure space for the new site and created a custom experience to match the other branded elements.

Do We Use Canned Themes? No, our studies demonstrate canned themes and builders are ineffective.


The AAWNC was excited about their new collateral and everything arrived on-time. We were also able to help the client solidify their domain's security along the way.