Avoiding Bad Websites & Bad Developers

Avoiding Bad Websites & Bad Developers


NEVER go by price. The best solutions may have optimized processes that allows for quicker development. PRICE IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF QUALITY.

Large Agencies:

Make sure the people actually doing the work have an extensive background. Agencies will use certain people to sell their services, but behind the scenes, inexperienced or outsourced personnel carry out the actual work. They also have bloated overhead which has to be covered in higher cost.

Don’t Hire The Big Hosting Companies For Custom Design

Large organizations comprise of systems and processes. Their streamlined processes are designed to do one thing: Crank out work. Taking too much time trying to understand your business and your needs are cost inhibitors. Plainly speaking – their custom work is assembly line work.

Don’t Go By The Number Of Sites They Created

Website builders manage hundreds of thousands of poor performing sites. Quantity just means they sell a lot of product. It’s not an indicator of competence. In some cases, its not even an indicator of their work. In researching this book for examples, I saw overt efforts by an established firm in Raleigh, NC to claim work I created.

Put Recommendations In Their Proper Place

Recommendations are usually given in web development not because of qualifications, but rather are given because customers received good customer service. There are many failing sites with good client-developer relationships.

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